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While lazy is in the eye of the beholder, I think we can all agree that there are several things that are not lazy:

Grocery shopping is not lazy.
Lots of chopping is not lazy.
Lots of steps are not lazy.
Washing dishes is not lazy.

Finding recipes that minimize these chores but produce wonderful dishes is my hobby.  You might even call it an obsession. This book is a collection of the best gourmet recipes that can safely be called "lazy."


As a semi-retired grandmother, I see my daughters and their friends going through what I did as they balance work, life and family. I see no reason for anyone to have to reinvent the wheel I like to think I mastered. And I certainly have no desire to take my culinary goldmine of Lazy Gourmet recipes to the grave. I want you to have them. Really.

My daughter Josie, a mom with two kids under 5, has been testing these recipes formally and informally for years. While cooking and entering cooking contests is her hobby, she is the laziest of gourmets. She even buys her ginger pre-grated and in a bottle. The recipes in this book are mine, the writing in this book is hers.

Relax and enjoy.